Monday, June 30, 2008

Today is the BIG day...

It is weird that I have butterflies even now...writing this post. Today was the BIG day...I went to Provo to VIP Media to have the Cricut Video and Photo Shoot. When I got there, Lisa the Makeup Artist came out to greet me. She took me in to touch up my makeup and spray down any "fly aways". It might sound silly but I felt kind of like a movie star...LOL! I feel like such a dork for even telling you that! :)

Anyways, after that, we went in to a big studio. There was where we would be doing the interview. I meet Liz, who was to do the actually interview questions. There was Jed and Mark, whom I had already meet from the "in-home" shoot. I also meet Gerald, the other cameraman and Gerald (different pronunciation) the sound guy who put my microphone on. We sat down and Liz asked me all different kinds of questions like... "How does the Cricut help you to be your creative best?"; "How do people respond when you show them something you've made with the Cricut and what kinds of things do they say?"; and "How has the Cricut improved your quality of like?". It was hard to answer some of the questions because I didn't want to come across as cocky or prideful but they helped me feel comfortable about it. :) They actually made me feel really comfortable about the whole thing. No pressure! But I also think it was easier because I was talking about MY passion... nothing like giving a book report in school or saying the prayer in church...LOL!! :)

After the interview, I got a few snapshots of everyone because you can't go through an experience like this and not record the event...that is what scrapbookers just DO... LOL!

Jed then took me into another studio where Russ was there to take still pictures of me and the projects that I had brought. He took some fun pictures of me and my "Kateism's". I was supposed to pose like "Ya...I made that...what do you think about that?!", with a little attitude and fun! It WAS fun and both Jed and Russ thought they got some great pictures! Then Russ took my projects and photographed them. It was really cool to watch someone professional taking pictures of projects that I made and that came from my heart! What an AWESOME feeling!

Then it was time to go, right after I signed a paper giving my permission to use my image of course!! LOL! I bounced outside to my husband, Julio, who was waiting in the car and told him all about it!

How surreal the whole experience was being in there talking about my passion for scrapbooking and the Cricut. It was a very NEAT feeling...having all that excitement and attention...Silly, I know!! But all in all, it was an experience that I will never forget and hope that someday I can do it again!

Here are a few of the snapshots that I got of the day...

This is Lisa the Makeup Artist...
Liz is the one who did the interview...

(Front left to right)
Gerald - Cameraman, Jed - Coordinator, & Mark Cameraman

Russ is the one who did the Still Photography.
Here he is taking a picture of my shadow box...
He was sure a nice guy...they ALL were really NICE!!
Here Russ is taking a picture of Kaydence's Baby Calendar.
It was funny because
this is the same way I take my pictures of my projects...LOL!


Lindsey said...

just remember us little guys when you get all big and famous! Congrats kate that is amazing! I am so excited for you! Good news, I am living back at my parents house for quite some time we need to scrap! Call ya soon:)

Sharon Caudle said...

YAY Kate!!!! I'm just so excited for you!!!! A HUGE CONGRATS to you!!!! Can't wait to see you on TV! :) HUGS!!