Monday, April 27, 2009

Bunny layout

I found pictures of this layout that I made for eBay and couldn't believe that I had forgot to post them here on my scrapbook blog!! Btw... it sold. :) I let the customer choose what that title was!

I love how I did this photo mat... you can't see it but in person it looks really cool. The two side pieces are connected with the middle on on top of it.
I LOVE my bunnies with them holding the
big flowers... always a favorite of mine!
You can get the bunny cut files over at my other blog...
The Paper Piecing Beehive!
(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My "Crafty" Resume...

So awhile back, I applied for a job at one of my local scrapbook stores for a part time position. I didn't end up getting the job because I couldn't work in the morning, just evening, but I wanted to show off my resume that I made for it. I used to work for a scrapbook store and we loved when people would bring in resumes that were scrapbooked... it showed that they would enjoy working there. So I decided to too. I think it turned out simple but it gets the point across that I love to scrapbook!!

I hope to have this bear and the bee costume up for sale as a digital file in my Paper Piecing Beehive blog here soon!

(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends Forever

Just a simple card I made a while back,
I think in February, using my scraps!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hop into Spring kit

Our very 1st Kit N Giggles Kit...
Hop into Spring!

Here is my take on this kit put together
using my cute kids as inspiration!
I totally love Stickles (glitter glue)...
I put a bit on all the titles and flowers.

Girl bunny... I added the pink bow from my stash.

Here is a close up of how I detail my bunny and chick...
With an angled makeup sponge, I use a sand colored ink to shade around each piece of the bunny before I assemble her. I use a rose pink ink for the pink parts using the same technique. Then I assemble her sometimes using pop dots, sometimes not... it just depends on what look I'm going for! On this layout, I used pop dots on the nose, hands and feet and then again when I adhered her to my page. Then I take regular old colored pencils in sandy brown colors and doodle around the edges of my bunny. And for the pink cheeks, I use a little pink chalk with a q-tip, but sometimes I'll use the rose pink ink on a make up sponge too. For the white accents, I use a white gel pen and a black gel pen for the eye lashes.

After it is all assembles on the page, then I go back in a use a little Diamond Glaze on the nose, feet. As for the chick... pretty much the same thing went into detailing him just different colors of course.
Click on the picture for a better look!

I used my own buttons for the centers of the flowers!
I uses Cuttlebug Embossing dies on eggs and flowers...
Boy bunny... (no bow) hehe

To get this kit... visit Kits N Giggles

Kits N Giggles

So my friend Jill (JillsPaperJems) and I are starting up a little business...

Kits N Giggles!

We are going to be making scrapbook layout kits that have our very own paper piecing in them and exclusive cut out sheets designed and created by my sister Kendra... her craft name is Daisy Doo, check her out!! We are starting off a little slow and just testing the waters to see how they do. Excited is an understatement on how we feel!! :)

How it works:
Our kits will include matching pattern paper, colored cardstock, ribbon, some of our darling paper piecing (disassembled, ready for you to put your creative touch to them), tracing templates for extras like flowers and eggs, and instructions and tips on how to get your creative juices flowin'. *Kits may vary to include more or less.

Our first kit ("Hop into Spring") is priced at $11.99 plus shipping. They are going to be priced a little differently mainly because they will include different things each time but we are going to try not to waiver too much. Hopefully in the future, we can have a set price!

Every kit, Jill and I will be putting one of them together with our own spin on them. We will then post them on our own personal blogs, so if you would like, once you purchase one of the kits, you can get a few ideas for your own. We also will be giving our tips on how we detail our paper piecing so if you need a little help in the beginning! :)

Oh and Kendra will not only be creating our exclusive cutout sheets, she has also agreed to become one of our designers!! So you will also get to see her spunky talent! ;)

If you have any questions feel free to email me...

Wish us luck!! ;)