Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cupid Bunny...

I made this "Cupid Bunny" to go along with my layout that I made for eBay but I decided to sell just one of these 'love' bunny's just in case someone wanted to create their own pages and use it for an embellishment!

He is so darn cute, how could you not fall in love!?!

I left all the accessories disassembled just in case
you want to assemble him differently...
(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!)

Love You Always...

I made this layout because I'm ready for spring and Valentines is coming up fast and it is closer to spring then it is right now! :) I love the deep yummy colors of this paper which is I believe My Mind's Eye... I LOVE that brand! I had a fun time designing the Cupid accessories... the bunny is ready to go shoot some arrows of love!!

What I used:
(You can find these items at HallmarkScrapbook.com)
-Pazzles for the bunny, his accessories and the "Love You" marquee title.
-Cricut card Hello Kitty Font for the "ALWAYS" title.
-Cat Eye Ink to distress the edges of the photo mats.
-Diamond Glaze
-Stickles - Eucalyptus, Xmas Red, and Star Dust

Of course I use plenty of diamond glaze and Stickles...
You can never have enough, right!?! hehe ;)

Hidden behind one of the photo mats is another
double sided photo mat for journaling or more pictures...
The title was fun to design... I love my Pazzles!!
I designed and created this darling little "cupid" bunny...
I used pop dots to add dimension...
Sewing and glitter detail...
(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

The NEW Paper PIECING Beehive...

is finally up and running. Now Julio and I have a place where we can sell our design files so everyone is able to cut and ENJOY our paper piecings just like we do!! Please come check our new blog store out at...

We sell WPC files for Pazzles Inspiration owners, DXF files for the Wishblade owners. PDF files for people that don't own cutting machines, so they can print out a template and assemble that way... easy as pie! And all the files are ready for you to just stick the color you want in and cut (or print)!!

Thank you for your understanding while we are still under a bit of construction on both of my blogs. We hope to be finished up here pretty quick!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new blog background...

I know it's late, or should I say early! Man, it sure has been a bugger getting this background to load and work just right and it still doesn't show my whole background but for the most part it does. Julio (my hubby) designed and created this AMAZING background for me and we finally put the finishing touches on it and decided to premier it today!! YEAH!! :)

Later today I will have up an option to buy at least one of my Pazzles/PDF/DFX files starting with my Snow Couple!! I'm so excited to get going and so is Julio!! He is ready to start designing some new cut files for me and I'm excited to scrapbook using them!! :) hehe

Let me know what you think! Please tell me if I need to do any tweaking anywhere. Thanks for looking and I hope you like! :) Now I'm going to bed, I need to get my creativity sleep! ;) lol

Monday, January 12, 2009

A LOVELY Blog Award...

Many thanks to Tammy over at ~Tammy's Place~ for giving me this LOVELY Blog award!! It was a very sweet gesture! :) You all have to go check out her blog... she make some of the most AMAZING cards, Oh and pages too!! :)

I'm going to give this a try and pass along a bit of this goodness to a couple very talented ladies whom are my friends...
Thanks again Tammy!! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scarlett O'hara

I am SO EXCITED to show everyone what Julio and I have been working on since just before Christmas.... a custom paper piecing of Scarlett O'hara! The sweetest woman, Miss SouthernBelle, contacted me to see if we could make her a paper piecing from Gone With the Wind. She picked out the picture and we, or should I say Julio, got to work! We thought we would have it done within days because we have done these types of paper piecing before with the Twilight ones. But that was far from the case! :) Luckily Miss SouthernBelle was the sweetest person to work with, she was so patient with us. Scarlett's face was the hard part. With being 9 inches tall, you'd think that she would be easy but her dress is so darn big, which made her face 1 inch tall! Not much room for detail. So we decided to go a bit larger and cut Scarlett out at 11 inches which made all the difference. Julio also had to tweak a few things on the face so that they would cut better! And that's it! My Pazzles sure went through a nice work out which I LOVE to see!! lol :)

I can't wait to see what our Miss SouthernBelle does with this paper piecing! I will keep you posted when she does something with it! She is an AMAZING talented scrapper, you should all check out her work... A Scraphappy Southernbelle.

Thanks Aymee for working with us so nicely...
it was such a pleasure and we look forward to the next one!

I used Diamond Glaze on the letter for a shiny look...

All ready to scrapbook... :)
**As far as the paper piecing of this Scarlett O'hara is concerned, my husband and I have put a lot of time into designing and creating this one-of-a kind paper piecing, so please, please, PLEASE, don't replicate it for resale. We consider it a piece of art and should be treated as such.

Thank you so much for all the
support, encouragement, and understanding!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coming SOON...

I'm excited to announce that I'm finally updating the look of my Blog!

I've waited a very long time for my talented hubby, Julio to design and create me a NEW layout to coordinate with my name AND style!

As soon as I complete a couple custom orders and we finish putting the finishing touches on the layout, I will premier it, which should be VERY soon! :)

The even more EXCITING news is that I'm going to start selling a few of our digital cutting files similar to one of my Ladybug friends, Regina at the Cutting Cafe'! It might take me a bit longer to get all the kinks out of this hopefully plan, but I'm really looking forward to this new adventure!

Thanks for all your encouragement and support!!

a Snow Couple...

**You can purchase the cut file for this cute Snow Couple
by visiting my new blog called
The Paper Piecing Beehive!I LOVED my last layout so much, well the snow couple,
that I had to make a paper piecing set of the happy couple!

I used my Pazzles for the original snow couple and then used MANY different Cuttlebug embossing folders to enhance their clothing and features. I also used Diamond Glaze! :)


Here you can see all the fun dimension...
In the set I've included embossing
snowflakes (6) and snowballs (10).
(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland...

**You can purchase the cut file for this cute Snow Couple
by visiting my new blog called
The Paper Piecing Beehive!After almost a month of not doing much except Christmas gifts and custom work, I made this Winter Wonderland scene with a snow couple enjoying the weather! I was pretty proud of how the snow couple turned out since I designed and created them all by myself which is saying a lot because Julio is the one that creates most of my characters! :)

I used my favorite tool in the whole wide world...
the Pazzles, for the snow couple! :)
Also the title, brackets, and snowballs.
The snowflakes where from my Cricut using the
Accent Essentials cart.
I used MANY different Cuttlebug embossing folders which I always use with my Sizzix BigKick! I LOVE this machine... it can use almost ANY die out there!! I even used my snowflake folder on parts of the photo mats for fun, you'll have to look real close to see the embossing. In person you can see it a lot better! :)
I used lots of fun teal blue ink, ribbon, and sewing
which I think added greatly.
And of course I used Diamond Glaze and Stickles!


Here is the snowman juggling some snowballs...
Here is the title with some of my favorite fonts...
BlackJack and Greer
Here is the CUTE little snow girl holding a snowball...
I thought the brackets would be something
FUN and different...There are 2 hidden tags ready for photos AND journaling.This is a look at it tuned to show all the dimension...
(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!)