Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cricut Contest Survey...BIG NEWS!

Long story but well worth it!! (Or at least I think so...LOL)

So a couple weeks ago or so, I filled out a Cricut Contest Survey to see if I could win a new Cricut cartridge. The questions asked were stuff like "What kinds of creative projects have you made with your Cricut?", "How has the Cricut helped you be your creative best?", and "How has the Cricut improved your life?"... etc.

Yesterday I got an email from " Jed over at Sprout Marketing in Salt Lake City which was hired by Provo Craft to help them create a new marketing campaign, featuring people who've used the Cricut to create a variety of projects and who feel like the Cricut helps them be their creative best."

They said that they are in the process of selecting Cricut customers who live along the Wasatch Front to help them kick off this campaign. And based on MY "enthusiastic" answers from the survey, they were wondering if I might be interested in helping them out with their project!!!

I thought ... WOW that sounds like fun!! So today I sent them a picture of myself and my favorite Cricut project that they requested for "consideration".

"Those selected will be invited to take part in a video and photo shoot at a photo studio in Provo. The footage and photographs from this shoot will be used in a variety of ways, including video testimonials at trade shows and online, along with print advertisements potentially. The purpose of these materials is to inspire people from across the country to use the Cricut to achieve their personal creative best and then to share their creative best stories with Provo Craft." They are also going to be having a few others do an "in-home" video session too for some background video footage for transitions between studio shots (no talking).

So then later today I got a phone call from Jed over at the marketing agency saying that my submission was accepted and they would "love" to have me participate with them in the project!! I about died and went to heaven right then!! WOW, what a cool feeling! After the call, all reality kicked in and I got nervous!

Now I'm cleaning my house like a crazy woman to get ready for the "in-home" shoot because it is this Thursday! Luckily they said they will only be here for 10 to 20 minutes tops. So I have one day to get ready plus they want me to do my "favorite" project that I emailed them earlier. Here is a picture of it, but I'm doing one that is a little bit different because I will be making it for me to keep and the pictures will be different ones now that Kaydence is here! By the way, it is a shadow box...

So please wish me luck and I will keep you all posted on how everything goes.


Carrie Hathaway said...

Kate.... I'm sooo excited for you... congratulations.. Of course they picked you.. You are the best..

matchbox20girl said...

Oh, wow! This is so exciting! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for other campers, and had no idea you were a Cricut girl, too! CONGRATS on your big day!