Saturday, July 19, 2008

FAMILY birthday calendar...

I made this family birthday calendar
for my mom and step-dad for Christmas last year
and totally forgot to take pictures of it until now.

I used Cricut cartridge Opposites Attract
for the word "birthdays" and welded it using Design Studio.
I also used Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook
for the word "FAMILY"
and for the welded abbreviated months.
I got my cartridges and Design Studio,
oh and Diamond Glaze from

I got the frame from Roberts Craft and
then added the hooks to the bottom.
I Diamond Glazed the words and Modge Podged
the whole thing. After it was dry, I added the ribbon.
The stars were sold from a lady that makes
the stars already hooked all together and painted.
Then you just write everyone's names
and the day they were born on each star...
simple as that!!

I talked to the couple that sells the stars and they gave me permission to give out their info if you are interested in ordering the stars I used on this project. I got them from Heart & Soul Crafts. They don't have an actual store or website so you have to call Roger 801.726.0577 to order and send a check or money order to get your stars. They sell to a few local shops and go to craft fairs/boutiques. Check out their Facebook page HERE. If you have any other question, give me a shout!

I put all my parents grandchildren in the frame
which I first printed in wallet size
and then inked and ruffed up the edges
to add some character!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look!

(Your welcome to copy my designs for you own personal use,
but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!)


Bella and Aidee Mom said...

This is super cute...Krista

Carrie Hathaway said...

I love this... it's beautiful!!

jill said...

okay Kate you have to help me make me one for my mom and carol it is to stinkin' cute! You are so creative.

Briana said...

Kate this is awesome! You just inspired me to create something for all the grandparents next year for xmas....maybe if I get started now I can have them all done by next year. Gotta start saving coupons to get supplies from Michaels :)

Merry said...

I so love this project...thanks so much for sharing all the infor. I am wanting to do one for my friend and I think this is a perject idea.