Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ben's Apron...

Ok, so this ISN'T Ben but I had to use my son Kayde as the model and he wasn't too trilled about it! :) I made this boy apron for my cousin's son Ben. He LOVES to cook with this mom and even has his own toy kitchen. Oh I forgot to mention that Ben just turned 2 and I made it for his birthday. He also enjoys watching Rachel Ray! I think it is SO cute... maybe some day he'll become the next Chef Rocco! hehe I just purchased the material to makes my daughter, Shay, a new apron for her birthday but i also got enough to make a table cloth and all the accesories. It is green with cupcakes and red and pink cherries... I can't wait to start it!
My first hotpad... not too shabby!
Kayde is finally happy now that we whipped him up a bottle! lol I know it is a little big but Ben is a bit bigger and it has plenty of glowing room!

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