Monday, August 9, 2010

Felt Cake

So my daughter Shay comes to me the other day and says that it is her babies (dolls) birthday. They are "twins"! hehe Anyways, I told her I would help by making a cake for her. I have seen felt food patterns on and thought how hard can it be.

It really wasn't hard to make, but it was a little time consuming and my hubby, Julio, was great to give me time without the kids to make it. Shay LOVES it and it planning the babies birthday party today! I think I'll try some more in the future if I get some more time.

CLICK HERE for link to the pattern.

The roses were the most time consuming because they have 7 pieces and you have hand sew each one separately.
A little close up...
I added a few details to my cake, like the ric-rac to hide the seams and the ribbon and "metal" ring on the pipping bag.
The piping bag...


Kristina H said...

How adorable is that!?!

What a great project, thanks for sharing the link

Scraplynn said...

Kate, This is DARLING!!!... I bet Shay is going to have a blast with this. Her dollies will have a birthday everyday..

JillRv said...

so so so so cute! Kate you did such a good job on it!