Thursday, April 16, 2009

My "Crafty" Resume...

So awhile back, I applied for a job at one of my local scrapbook stores for a part time position. I didn't end up getting the job because I couldn't work in the morning, just evening, but I wanted to show off my resume that I made for it. I used to work for a scrapbook store and we loved when people would bring in resumes that were scrapbooked... it showed that they would enjoy working there. So I decided to too. I think it turned out simple but it gets the point across that I love to scrapbook!!

I hope to have this bear and the bee costume up for sale as a digital file in my Paper Piecing Beehive blog here soon!

(You're welcome to copy my designs for you own personal
use, but please don't recreate to sell...thanks a bunch!

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